How fast is expedited Website services ?

1-2 weeks for a quicker turnaround contact us via email yelshaluxedesigns@gmail.com Standard website turn around times are 4 weeks .

Is full payment required before completion ?

yes, we've had situations where the site was completed and the balance couldn't be paid so we now have this requirement. FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED 

What is your flyer turnaround time ?

4 business days we don’t work On weekends for expedited services contact us via email yelshaluxedesigns@gmail.com 

What is your logo turnaround ?

5-7 business days 

For websites will I need professional photos?

Yes, it is preferred however if you haven’t had a photoshoot we can use stock images . If you fill out the form and state your doing a photoshoot and you don’t have your photos in within the week of your form it will delay the process. Stock images are photos of other models that are used as pluggers until you have a photoshoot . 

Will I be able to change my site after you design it ? 

If you have Shopify you will Only be able to change your background color , product photos and site details . Anything graphic related can’t be changed unless you contact me . All designs are done on software  ,formed together , and then loaded to the site . If you have wix you can change anything you need to . Just be mindful website design is better when done by a professional. For promotional banner changes you will have to contact us directly . 

How do you prefer contact ? 

You can contact us via email yelshaluxedesigns@gmail.com ONLY

For our services and products do you load that for us or will we have to do it ourself ? 

We load up to 10 products the rest will be done by you or you will be charged a fee to upload if you need this service. For larger companies with a large inventory you can email us yelshaluxedesigns@gmail.com 

If I’m ready to get my site started but won’t be launching until a way later date can i let you know the date so we can have everything ready ? 

Yes absolutely. Please specify as soon as you book . 

Do you do contracts for larger clients and businesses ? 

Yes we do feel Free to email us with your inquiry in the subject margin .